12Volt Outfitters can outfit your Fleet!

12Volt Outfitters provides sales, installation, and troubleshooting of GPS tracking devices, fleet management computers, communications equipment, hazard lighting, scene lighting, anti-theft devices, battery backup systems, and more!

Let 12Volt outfitters outfit your dump truck, concrete mixer, backhoe, front loader, tractor, flat bed truck, and any other vehicles related to the construction industry.

Installation and Troubleshooting of Proton Packs, high voltage laser containment systems, and Slime Collectors. We Ain't afraid of no Ghosts!

12 Volt Outfitters is able to outfit your Tow Truck with 

Led Light Bars, Strobe Lights, Communications Equipment, Secured Firearm Storage, Window Tinting, wireless tow lights, graphics, dash cameras GPS trackers and more! Click on the image to learn more!

Driving an 18 wheeler can be a daunting task. It takes a special kind of person to be able to sit in a truck all day driving cross country to deliver goods in a timely fashion.

12Volt Outfitters understands a truck drivers needs and will Outfit your Semi and Trailer so you can enjoy the most out of your driving experience. From dash cameras for piece of mind, to alarm systems for added security and convenience, 12Volt Outfitters will do whatever it takes to keep you comfortable while your the road. We can also install Power Inverters, Battery Backup Systems, GPS Asset Trackers side view cameras and rear view cameras in your semi truck! 

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Solutions exist for large 18-wheeler fleets to small operations making local deliveries in vans or cars. Some industries that benefit from GPS fleet tracker solutions are:

Taxi and Ride-share services
Energy (Oil & Gas)
Rental Operations
University & Government

Businesses that operate in these industries must track and monitor hundreds or thousands of assets at any given time. Many of them also control assets that are dispersed over a large geographic area or even across state or country lines. GPS fleet tracking is used to provide a single platform through which all aspects of fleet routing, maintenance, and safety can be monitored.

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Construction Vehicle Industry

All of our technicians have Emergency Vehicle Technician Certifications, and are Mobile Electronics Certified Professionals.

Led Light Bars, Strobe Lights, Communications Equipment, Secured Firearm Storage, Window Tinting, Prisoner Partitions, Undercover Lighting, Sirens, and more! We Even Outift Tesla Vehicles! Click on the image to learn more!