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Why Choose 12Volt Outfitters?

12Volt Outfitters is an Auto, Marine, and Fleet Electronics Sales and Installation Company
​ Located in South Florida and Services Miami-Dade and Broward Counties

Why Choose 12Volt Outfitters?

12Volt Outfitters relies itself on it's customer service and the innovative nature of our staff. We strive to make the impossible, possible. This allows us to differentiate ourselves from the hundreds of available car, boat, and home audio electronic installation services in the industry. 12Volt outfitters has the ability to turn your idea into reality!

12Volt Outfitters believes that keeping up with technological advances should be an industry standard, as cars are changing every year. With the advancement of computers in vehicles, as well as the equipment that is used to interface with them;  proper knowledge, care, and advancement in training are a standard for 12Volt Outfitters 

12Volt Outfitters prides itself on the individualized attention given to our clients. Our goal is never to just make a sale, but instead, to build a relationship! We are here for all your Auto, Marine, Fleet, and Recreational Vehicle needs!

Don't hesitate to reach out to us, to get your project started!

​12Volt Outfitters prefers using Kicker, Directed Electronics (Viper Avital clifford), Audio Control, Metra, Heise, Kenwood, Alpine, Kicker Marine, Voxx, ZZ2, Nav-Tv, Voxx Electronics, DEI, Smart Start, and other name brand items that provide confidence to end users.